Sunday, November 22, 2015

Week 15: Reading Evaluations

I really enjoyed most of the readings in this class! I think the earlier reading options were more enjoyable to me though. This might be because as the semester neared the end, I became very bored with the same weekly routine. I really liked the Aesop's stories and the Jataka's about turtles. I really wish I would have done a storybook project about turtle's, but I enjoyed the free reign over my portfolio. Without have a subject, I was allowed to post my favorite stories regardless of what the theme of the story was and I liked that. I do not think I would have enjoyed being stuck on one subject the whole semester. One thing I did not like were how many comments we had to leave every week. I think the whole 150 words on three people's blogs on top of four different 60 word comments was a little ridiculous and a waste of my time. I really did not enjoy that for the most part. I have things to say to people's stories and I like reading my classmates posts, but I think I should be allowed to say what I want regardless of how many words was in it. I did not like being forced to say so many words because I ended up repeating myself and I feel like my comments lost meaning because of it. My favorite reading diary strategy would be to read the different story sections and take notes on the ones I liked the most. I thought the balance of reading and writing was fine, but like I said earlier, I thought being forced to comment so much on other people's was a little extreme. I was grasping for things to say when I could definitely get out what I wanted to in about thirty words. It is hard to expand on comments when you spend all semester working on short and sweet writing strategies. Advice that I would give to students in this class next semester would be to get out and get ahead immediately. Also, you should plan your reading out from day one. It makes it so much easier that way. You can just go to your reading plan and call it a day.

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