Monday, November 9, 2015

Reading Diary A: Week 12: The Faerie Queen- Britomart Unit

The Faerie Queen- Britomart Unit


I really like this story. I like how Britomart is brave and fearless. She defies societies norms by being a female knight. I am excited to read the next part of this story because I am curious to see if she finds Sir Artegall. This story is interesting because it is action packed and has a love story intertwined with it. I really like how all of the knights she runs into think they are going to destroy her and she uses her enchanted spear to sit them down. One question I have is does her father know that she has wandered off? That would be a good angle to rewrite this story from. We could find out what the father was doing while she was off doing all of these noble deeds.

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