Thursday, November 12, 2015

Week 12: Extra Reading Diary: Italian Popular Tales

Italian Popular Tales

The Language of Animals: Well..this was a very interesting story. It shows how every bit of knowledge is useful, no matter how silly it may seem. I like how the boy uses it to help people. It is nice that even though is father was ashamed of him that he did not give up hope.I also like how he didn't settle for just marrying into money. He went out and continued to help others.

An Incident in Rome: This is a very eerie story to me. I love ghost hunting and for a second it made me think that the man was a demon. However, it is interesting that he was neither saved nor damned. Does this mean that he's in a sort of purgatory? Why is the Pope the only one who could read it? Did he know that the man would turn to stone?

The Cock that Wished to become Pope: This story starts off and I was very hopeful for the rooster. He gathers Mrs. Hen to be his Popess and you're like...ok, so there's a chance this could work. He's got his letter and he has this really thought out. Then the cat joins in and he has a place for her too.Then the weasel joins and it is basically a travelling pack of animals. When they get to the witch's house though, you just feel like something bad is going to happen to them. The cat and weasel very intelligently dip out and then you know this whole thing is going to fall apart. Once they talk to the man at the end and he is so excited that they are here you know they are doomed. It had a very morbid ending haha.

(Rooster Statue)

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