Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 12: Growth Mindset: Other Classes

SO probably one of my most exciting classes for me is my independent study as a research assistant in a psychology lab. I really love it! I spend my days running experiments and I think that is just fantastic. One of the biggest challenges of the year for me is making my own project proposal. This means I get to research a subject in psychology and then make a powerpoint, do the research, and do a formal presentation in front of my lab of what my project would be. You basically create your own experiment and present the hypothetical data! How fun is that? I have another class that I am also doing the same thing only instead of proposing a powerpoint and giving a presentation, I am writing it down in a paper format. To do these two projects is a huge task. However, I can relate them to each other and build one presentation off of the flaws of my other one and that is going to be so helpful! My area of studying right now is cognitive psychology so to relate that to how doing to similar presentations is that by doing two things over one (but slightly different) I am creating multiple ways to recall the information I am learning and this should help with my presentation overall!!! And all of these classes are so hectic I chose a meme that plays off one of my favorite lines in the Avengers! "When did you become an expert on thermonuclear astrophysics? Last night" That's how I feel about 90% of my finals!!!


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