Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 12: Famous Last Words

So this week, I read the Faerie Queen: Britomart unit. I had time to do both halves of the reading and I found them very interesting. The thing I liked the most about this reading is that Britomart defied gender norms from her time. Women were meant to be dainty and sitting in the house sewing and all that jazz. She basically stuck it to the system and decided she was going to be a knight. Another thing that I really liked is that even though she was going out of her way to fight gender norms, she still had a crush and wanted to be with him. This shows that you can be a feminist and not hate men. That is one of my biggest pet peeves in the world today. Some people assume just because women are strong and independent and do the same jobs as men (sometimes better) that they are cold and callous and don't want to be in a relationship. It's absolutely ridiculous. I am really glad this story showed both sides of this.

This week I did the writing for my story in my Wednesday night class. I always do my best writing in there because it is a three hour class that I have to have something to do in. However, as the weeks go by I have noticed that my ideas for writing stories are starting to run out. I think I may be suffering from some end of semester writer's block!!! I hope that is not the case because I have some more papers to write still! I think that I just need to take a moment and come up with a good writing strategy for this week. I really need to plan it out and maybe play around with more character development. I also might switch it up and write the story from my desk in my room with the lights off (I have two old vintage lamps that give off a nice warm glow.) I like to write here when I cannot think because it makes me feel like Jo off of Little Women and that is one of my favorite books!

(Jo writing at her desk)

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