Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Week 11: Extra Reading: Brer Rabbit

Brer Rabbit

The Calamus Root: I wish I had more insight into what is going on in this story. The way it is written is so hard for me to read and understand. It reminds me of Joseph from Wuthering Heights. I wish that someone who understands it better would maybe put what it says in italics next to the original words. But from what I have gathered, Briar Fox wanted to come over for dinner and Briar Rabbit invited him. When he showed up, he was up to no good so Brer Rabbit just shut the door and left him out.

The Wonderful Tar-Baby Story: The fact that this thing is named Tar-Baby makes this story fantastic. I love that. How did Brer Fox not get stuck to the Tar-Baby when he stuck it out there? Was he just making Brer Rabbit get stuck because he was mad at him for dinner? What exactly was the point of this prank other than to just prank?

Mr. Fox Tackles Old Mr. Tarrypin: Naturally, I had to read the terrapin story. I have written too many turtle stories for me not to at least check this one out. LOVE THIS. He straight up tells the fox not to drown him and uses him to get him home. These turtle's are absolutely brilliant.

(Brer Fox and Mr. Tarrypin)

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