Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Reading Diary A: Week 13: Dante's Inferno

Dante's Inferno

Canto 1: Dante and Virgil: This is the opening of the play. It introduces us to Dante and explains how he is scared away from the gates of heaven by an evil monster(that looks like a lion). He is met by Virgil who explains he is in hell because he did not live by God's law when he was alive. Virgil agrees to lead him through a journey so he can see how bad it is and then try and ascend to heaven afterwards.

Limbo: Limbo does not sound like a fun place. I would definitely not want to be left there. It also sounds like it is a sad place. Everything I have gathered about it evokes negative emotions. I do not blame anyone for trying to get out of there.

The Fallen Angels: These fallen angels are a piece of work. They sound like nasty little creatures. I don't understand why they are denying them passage if they wish to go. I mean, maybe it is just their job but it sure seems silly to me. This is a tale that is riddled with mystery and I really look forward to the second half of this story.

(Dante and Virgil)

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