Friday, November 20, 2015

Week 13: Last Words


This week has been a very hectic week for me. I have been scrambling to get everything done so I could get my wisdom teeth out today. (I am currently laid up on the couch and watching the Walking Dead). So my schedule for how I do this homework usually has been very thrown off. It is also the end of the semester and I am rushing to knock out at least two online classes before December starts up! ANYWAY, I chose to talk about other people's writing in this class. I have found so many great writers in this class. Like you all are seriously fantastic. I was very nervous coming into this class because I am very, very, very shy about my writing and showing it to people. I love to write and I know I am pretty good at it, but still. So the fact that everyone in here put themselves out there and tried something new every week with their new stories is pretty cool. I think what makes stories successful is trying to understand the character's personalities and thoughts in the story. Before you write, I believe you should sit down and go down you character list and give them a name(if they don't have one), distinct personality traits, and I also like to think of their physical characteristics because that also gives insight into how people are going to react in certain situations. For example, if one of my characters is red headed, it plays into their temper tantrums because red heads are said to have fiery tempers! (Even though this is not necessarily the case at all times.) I really like to play with characters in my writing by giving them opposite traits or taking away some of their old ones to see how that changes the outcomes of the stories and most of the time it does!

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