Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Week 13: Reading Diary B: Dante's Inferno

Dante's Inferno

Canto 12: The Minotaur and the Centaurs: Oh man. Things are 'heating up' for Dante and his guide. Haha, bad pun...I know. I am amazed at how much descending and punishments they are seeing. It really makes me want to join a convent and become a nun so I don't have to go through that! I would not have been very calm if I came face to face with an angry minotaur or centaur!!!
The Harpies: I have always been scared of harpies. When I was younger I always had nightmares about them so this part of his story really gave me the gooseys. I wonder what these harpies are thinking. I imagine it's not very nice!!!

The Eighth Circle: Malebolge:Oh what a dreary sounding place. Everywhere else in this story so far sounds terrifying, but seems full of excitement. This place just sounds dull. I would hate being stuck there forever. Out of all the places they visit, this so far is my least favorite. There is just nothing there, but a grey colorless scene. 

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