Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Reading Diary B: Week 12: Faerie Queen: Britomart Unit

Faerie Queen: Britomart

The Enchanted Chamber: This is definitely an interesting to open the second half of reading. All of the specters almost give it a Christmas Carol vibe. It also reminds me of the seven deadly sins. I really like how all of these specters represent something different. And they seem very scary. I do not know how Britomart is not shaking in her armor! She must be very brave!!!

The Wicked Enchanter: I absolutely love Britomart. She is so strong and brave! You go girl! I like how she just straight up said, "not today satan" and went after that enchanter. It is so noble of her to rescue others and to put her quest for true love on hold. However, it is so sad that the knight and the squire gave up on them and left. I think that is kind of shady since she was only gone for like one night. Surely they could have waited a few days before giving up on them.

Strange Meetings: The first description of these two wicked women who are seen riding with these dumb knights. "False and wicked...not able to tell anything but falses.." Britomart, I feel for you girl because I know a few females like that too. Ha. But really...this story just upsets me because everyone is acting dumb because of these two trouble making "women". I like that Britomart is not phased by them. But whyyyyy oh whyyyyy is everyone else!!!? It also upsets me that Sir Scudamor tries to attack Britomart's nurse because he is mad about his lady. She is down the road, bro. Quit wasting time and go get her!!!

(Knight in Full Armor)

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