Thursday, October 1, 2015

Week 6: Extra Reading Diary: Congo Unit

Congo Unit

(Women of the Congo; 1885)

The Jealous Wife: These stories are crazy to me because all of the men take multiple wives which is just a different cultural practice than what I am accustom to. This story is super sad. I feel like the wife got what she deserved, but it is sad that she killed her child. However, I think karma is a big factor in this story and in African culture because I big theme in the stories I read from the Congo are that you get what you deserve.

How the Wives Restored Life to their Husband: This story also involves a man with multiple wives. They are very glutenous and were always needing more food. The man went out and was killed trying to kill an ox. One of them dreamt he was dead, the other led the way to him, and the last one brought him back to life. The man thought that the one who brought him back to life was the most important, but the women thought they were all important. This story really showed the difference between women and men.

How Gazelle got Married: This story shows another theme in African stories. That is guessing the names of women to take as bride. The antelope showed up to marry a man's daughter's (another multiple wife theme) and can't guess the name of his daughter's so he is turned away. But after a time a gazelle and his dog show up and eventually guess them so he gets to wed them. This makes the antelope made and he declares war on the gazelle.

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