Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Week 9: Reading Diary A: Myth's of the Cherokee

Myth's of the Cherokee
(the moon)

The Moon and the Thunders: There are a lot of stories compiled into this one. It is very interesting to observe the different style the Cherokee's use to tell stories. They make it one big compilation of stories that are similar to each other. All of these stories have a common theme that is the moon and the sun. The last one talks about thunder though. I think it is included because they talk about the sky in it.

The Deluge: Oh! This story is like the Cherokee version of Noah's Arc! These stories are all straight and to the point. I really like that the man's dog is the one that told him to build a raft. Did the dog ever get thrown into the water?

The Rabbit Goes Duck Hunting: This is the first of the rabbit stories. This rabbit is so clever and yet he is really creepy. I like how they talk about the rabbit getting out of their by convincing the human's to stand back. I also like how the rabbit is clever and mischievous. It reminds me of bugs bunny!

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