Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Week 6: Reading Diary B: Japanese Mythology Unit

Japanese Mythology Unit

The Faery Robe: I liked this story because it was written in a different kind of style. It was in poem verse form and I thought that was very neat. The language in these stories is so elegant. I love it so much. I like how they referenced zephyrs here. I like when mythology comes together across different cultures. I also liked that they references landmarks here like the ocean and Mount Fuji. It really helps the poem come to life.

(Mount Fuji)
The Quest of the Jewel: I like this story because when I think of Asian stories and folklore I think of dragons. This story has a dragon in it and I love dragons. They represent power and grace. There are also other fairy tale elements to this story, but my favorite part was definitely the dragon. I think this story could be easily retold in a different style. 

Urashima: This story is once again full of beautiful descriptive language. "Jade-green waters" is one of my favorite descriptions in this story. I like these myths because they have some similarities to Greek and Roman mythology, but with a little more flare here or there that makes it more understandable to another region.

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