Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Week 7 Reading Diary B: Nigerian Folktales

Nigerian Folktales

The Story of the Lightning and the Thunder: This story is neat. I like the explanation given for what thunder and lightning are. This story could be told in a different style easily. I could make them real people or something else to tell my version of the story. I like how it has a mother son dynamic and I think this will be a really good addition to my portfolio.

The Affair of the Hippopotamus and the Tortoise: The thing about these tales is that they all explain natural things that happen in nature. In this one, they seek to explain why the hippo lives in the water. I like stories about hippo's because I think they are terrifying and interesting. This story portrays the hippo's as powerful yet true to their word. I like how honorable they are in this story. But at the same time they are portrayed as powerful and scary to the other animals because they do as they say.

Why Dead People are Buried: This story attempts to explain why dead people are buried. The story goes that a dog was supposed to deliver a message to the people from the Creator about putting their dead bodies in a compound and covering them with wooden ashes so they would be revived the next day. However, the dog gets hungry and get's sidetrack and forgets his message. This seems to be a common theme in African stories because I read some a while ago were they were trying to guess the daughter's names and the dog got distracted by food then too. Then he sends a sheep who messes the message up and when the dog finally remember's his message they don't believe him. This is interesting because dogs are supposed to be loyal and man's best friend but the people in this story do not believe him and this story give dogs a bad reputation.

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