Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 10: Reading Diary A: Alaskan Legends

Alaskan Legends

The Flood: This story is about how one Raven got angry at the people and caused a great flood that caused the people to die of starvation. This is another story that has biblical sounding origins. These stories that are all similar to each other make you really wonder if something like a great flood did happen because these people had to come up with these stories somewhere.

The Origin of the Tides: This story is used to explain a natural phenomenon. A lot of stories from different tribes do this. This one explains high and low tide. It is interesting to hear how they explain things when we have science now that teaches us it is something else. They didn't have that back then so they just think it is some weird thing like men putting the lid on and taking it off to create high and low tide. We know it is just the moon and it's gravitational pull.

Raven's Feast: This is a story about how the Raven wanted to have a great feast and asked for the Groundhog's for help with food. The Groundhogs were said to be able to know when the winter was over and spring was coming. I think this is cool because it explains why Groundhogs are used to decide when spring is coming.

(Nass River)

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