Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 10 Reading Diary B: Alaskan Legends

Alaskan Legends

Origin of the Chilkat Blanket: This story explains why people aimed between the eyes to kill bears. I liked this story because there was no happy ever after for everyone on it. I also like how the sea god was kind to the woman and let her go home to her people. This would be another good story to tell like I did Cupid and Psyche.

The First Woman: I like how this story explains why women from different areas have different skills. It is interesting to me how all of these stories explain the world around them. I like how this story is ended with "it is still this way today so its true".

The Boy in the Moon: I like how this story explains the origin of the moon and the sun. It is interesting how the people say that the moon was a boy and the girl is the sun. This is consistent with other Native American stories and one of the Japan mythology stories I read. It is so sad that they say it is a boy who is in love with a girl that can never get to her.

(Moon of Anchorage Alaska)

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