Friday, October 9, 2015

Extra Reading Diary Week 7: Canterbury Tales

Canterbury Tales

The Prioress's Tale: This story is about Little Hugh. It really was kind of creepy to read. I do not remember this story from when we read some of it in high school so I imagine we didn't read it because I would have definitely remembered this one. I don't really like how it painted one group of people out to be bad people, but I am sure that is just because at the time it was written it was okay. It is also really scary how that boy was singing with his throat slit and when they removed the grain from his tongue he just died.

Nun's Priest's Tale: Her tale is of the about a rooster who has a beautiful singing voice. He has seven hen wives. He has a dream that a fox gets him and it scares him. His favorite wife calls him a coward and tells him to go back to bed. He realizes that his dream is going to come true when a fox tricks him and snatches him up. The moral of this story is be wary of your dreams.

The Canon Yeoman's Tale: In this tale, a priest loans money to a poor beggar who turns out to be a con artist. He comes back to pay back the money on time, but ends up scamming the priest out of more money. He claims to be able to turn things into silver. This is kind of reminds me of the old story where the miller's daughter has to spin straw into gold. Only the canon pulls a couple over on the priest and then takes a large sum of money from him at the end.

(Geoffrey Chaucer: Author of the Canterbury Tales)

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