Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Week 9: Reading Diary B: Myth's of the Cherokee

Myth's of the Cherokee


The Terrapin's escape from the wolves: This story reminds me a lot of the Jataka tale. I liked it because the turtle is clever and gets out of dying again because he knows how to play people. I find it really funny that this turtle used wolf ears as spoons to like frighten people!

The Crane and the Hummingbird: The crane and the hummingbird both love the same woman. She prefers the hummingbird...but do you blame her? They are so cute and colorful! I relate to her because I also love hummingbirds and do not blame her one bit for staying single!!!

The Owl gets Married: This story is very interesting. I like how the owl takes human form and then grieves himself out of having it. It is very supernatural in nature. It is weird how the owl was a terrible hunter though because I have always thought of owls as being great hunters.

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