Friday, October 30, 2015

Week 10 Extra Reading Diary: Persian Tales

Persian Tales

The Hemp-Smoker's Dream: This is about a man who gets high then has a crazy dream. I am very glad this was dream because it was a very confusing read. This story reminded me of a monologue someone did in my high school. It was about a dream someone had were the introduced party members who all had very similar three letter names. The names in this story would be easier to read if the last names were different.

The Story of the Wolf-Bride: This story is interesting because it says that fate is predetermined and it can't be changed. I like that the bride randomly turns into a wolf and eats the guy. I was left wondering if she had turned into a wolf before or if it was like a one time thing. I also would want to know what triggered that if she had always turned into a wolf. And if she knew what made her turn into a wolf why didn't she take precautions so she didn't kill her husband?

Tortoise bowl on the back of the Fox: I like this story because it shows the tortoise being clever again. All of the stories I have read about turtles and tortoises have portrayed them as very intelligent. I like how the tortoise stood up for his stuff because the fox did absolutely nothing. I hate people who try to claim your work as their own.

(Tortoise planting seed)

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