Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Reflections: Looking Forward

Looking forward, I would like to do all of my weekend assignments early on Friday to let me get a head start on the next weeks assignments. This would take a lot of stress off of me during the week. I would also like to do more of the extra credit assignments. These assignments seem fun and useful, but I do not leave myself enough time to work on them during the week. This would help me get my points in early so I can finish the class early or at least make up the points that I have failed to do on time. I would also like to try a few different writing styles for my stories. I really like to explore with different techniques and styles and try to add my own flair to them. I really enjoy that this class lets me express my creativity in a way that the other rigidly structured courses I am in don't. I want to do the extra credit where I make my own memes because that seems so cool and I have always wanted to do that. So most of all, looking forward, I want to make more time for this class and since I am wrapping up one of my other online classes, I think I will be able to do that.

(Finish Strong: flickr)

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  1. Hi Karisa! I like how your reflections posts are no-nonsense. You get straight to the point, and I can appreciate that. Your posts reflect how you like to tell stories, which as you said yourself, is not too long and drawn out. I can relate with you on the extra credit aspect and trying to get ahead or complete this class early. You can do it! Just think of how much better your weekends would be if you weren't worried about deadlines or due dates. My only suggestion to you would be to enlarge your motivational poster for this post. Otherwise, I am cheering you on from the sideline!