Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Week 7 Reading Diary A: Nigerian Folkstories

Nigerian Folkstories

The Pretty Stranger who Killed the King: The moral of this story is never trust strangers. The old witch who turned herself into a pretty woman killed the king for wealth. This basically goes against all of Disney's fairy tales because all of the princesses marry good looking strangers! I like this story because it is a little more realistic than the fairy tales I grew up learning about.

Why the bat flies by night: This story left me with a few questions. One, was the bat really trying to kill the bush rat?  Did he know he was going to go home and try it and die? It makes me curious to know if he is really a bad guy or if he was just playing a joke and it went wrong. I do like how this story gave a hierarchy to the animal world though. The wife reported the bat to the king and everyone followed his orders to catch the bat.

The Fish and the Leopard's Wife: This story was interesting to me because of the humanistic characteristics given to the animals. The animals were in a feud because of the fish and the leopard's wife having an affair. This is a very adult animal tail. I can't imagine any parent telling this to their child as a bedtime story here in the US. I also find it interesting that the leopard decided to let the king take care of the fish instead of killing him. Saying that he did it because they were old friends really doesn't make a lot of sense to me. You probably aren't really good friends if someone was sleeping with your wife behind your back...


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