Thursday, September 3, 2015

Essay: Aesop's Stories for Children

The stories I read this week are all children’s stories. The title of it is literally Aesop for Children (Winter). For the most part, I can see where they are children’s stories. However, there are some aspects in them that I think a child would over look. As a child, you are very focused on the face value of stories. If you read a story about a wolf who steals a shepherd’s flock(Wolf and Shepherd), then that is what you would assume the story is about. Which in a sense it is, but there are also the underlying life lessons you can learn from these stories.

I think these stories would be good for children because most of them involve talking animals. As a child, I was always very interesting in stories that involved talking animals. I think stories that have an interesting aspect to them, such as talking animals, are good for children. I also think stories that teach a lesson are good for children. Especially when they do so inconspicuously because I know that when I was a kid I hated anything that I thought was school work or anything of the sort. The Aesop fables do just that. Because when you think you are reading about a talking cat who is pretending to be a doctor to get into the bird’s house to eat them, you’re really reading about how to always be careful of who you trust and let in because they could be there to harm you.

For the most part, I believe the language is appropriate. There are a few stories that may be a little harsh/gruesome for kids, but there are not very many. They do a good job of keeping it appropriate for children and I think that is because they are written for children because I mean it is in the title.

I do not remember reading any of these stories as a child. Well maybe I did, but not in the way that they were told here. I remember stories with the same moral, but they were not the same story. The stories I remember from my childhood did not really make sense to me until I got older and heard them again. I think as a child, I was just too young to understand the underlying moral of the story.

(Wolf and Shepherd: Winter)

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