Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Storytelling Styles

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Topic: My topic is Native American ghost stories. I think I would like to have four different stories from four different tribes. One story I read that I definitely want to include is the third story, A Ghost Story by the Ponca tribe, out of a section titled Three Ghost Stories in the Great Plains Indian section of the Untextbook. Another story I want to include is from the Blackfoot tribe and is called The Camp of the Ghosts. 

1            Three Ghost Stories, from Myth’s and Legends of the Great Plains, by Katherine Berry Judson (1913). –I will use the Myth’s and Legends of the Great Plains for more stories.
2            The Camp of the Ghosts, from Blackfeet Indian Stories, by George Bird Grinnell (1915).

Possible Styles:

Dream Sequences: I could tell the story as part of a dream that someone is having. I have this idea in my head were like someone is studying and falls asleep and dreams they are in the story in a way. Or they’re watching TV while reading about ghosts. The possibilities with this are endless.

From a Ghost’s point of view: I think it would be neat to tell how ghosts view the living. What are the ghost’s thinking about the people that cannot see them? I really like the idea of the ghost’s doing little things around the house as pranks or something that the person does not know they did, but it is just enough to throw them off.

Third person: This is very useful for creating omniscient scary ghost scenes. This would be very useful if I wanted my story to be scary! However, I’m not necessarily sure if that’s what I want.  The thing about third person is that it is not really that creative and I am not sure if I would like it. I really like the out of the box way of thinking.

Story as Reality TV: Can you imagine a reality TV series for ghosts? I think this would be a fun idea to try. It would really put a neat twist on the old stories. I can just see a Keeping Up with the Kardashian ghost family or something of the sort in one of my stories. I could probably combine this one with the dream sequence if I really wanted to. There’s a lot of different ways I could go with this.

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