Monday, September 14, 2015

Reading Diary A: Jataka Tales (Babbitt)

(Photo source: UnTextbook: Master being Harsh to His Ox)

Monkey and the Crocodile: Great story about how brains is better than brawn. I really like how smart and cunning the monkey is and how he always outsmarts the crocodile. The story is told in a pretty basic third person style. I could change up the style OR I saw how one student took and changed their story from animals to children and I thought that was very clever.

How the Turtle saved his own life: This is another story of how being cunning can save your life. I like how the turtle kept quiet up until he found it to be the right time to speak. I could change this story to be how the king made his sons face their fears and grow to be strong men. Because killing that turtle would have solved nothing to be honest.

The Ox who won his Forfeit: I like this story because it shows that kindness gets you more than harshness. The ox could have easily pulled those hundred carts but because his master said mean thing she shut down and refused to do so. I don’t blame the ox. I would have reacted the same way. I think that is how anyone would react to how harsh the owner was to him.

The Quarrel of the Quails: This story emphasizes the importance of team work. I like that the quails work together to get free. It also shows the importance of letting go of grudges. If the angry quail would have accepted the others apology they would not have all been sold in town.

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