Thursday, September 24, 2015

Extra Reading Diary: Russian Folktales

Russian Folktales

The Dead Mother: This story was very eerie. It was so sad that the mother died and kind of sweet in a way that she came back every night to check on the baby. However, at the end when the baby dies it is just really sad. Most of the stories in this unit are kind of scary and morbid so starting off with this one really set the mood.

Treasure: This story is about a poor, but happy couple. The old woman dies and the man can't pay to have her buried. He stumbles onto a treasure and a greedy pope tries to steal it from him. Bad things happen to the pope for being so greedy. This story is morbid too. But I am glad the old man gets to keep the treasure.

The Bad Wife: This story actually made me laugh. I love how this man's wife is played out to be a She-Devil. I want to remember this story for when we do this unit because I want to write this from this woman's perspective. I want to tell why she acted that way and paint the picture from the other side of the house. I love, love, love that the demons are afraid of her. I also would want to talk about how she basically overtook and was running hell.

The Water Snake: This story is about a mother's love/woman's jealousy. It's straight up about how she was scared and loved her daughter (who had to get married to a snake but was so happy) so much that she murdered her husband so she could stay with her. I think it was because she was a little jealous of how happy she was away from her and I also think it was because she loved her grandchildren and didn't want to never see them again. This one would be a good mother/child story to add to my portfolio.
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