Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Reading Diary B: Aesop for Children(Winter)

Aesop for Children (Winter)
(Gray wolf howling)

1. The Wolf and the Shepherd: A wolf had been eyeing a flock of sheep, but the shepherd was keeping a close eye on them. The wolf started helping the shepherd keep the flock and after a while the shepherd let his guard down and left the wolf alone with the flock. The wolf killed and carried off most of the flock by the time the shepherd had returned. I like this story because it reminds us that just because someone is playing nice that they are not always nice.

Moral: Once a wolf, always a wolf. 

2. The Peacock and the Crane: The peacock was being a jerk and bragging about how much prettier her was than the crane. The crane took off flying and told the peacock to follow. The peacock couldn't. I like this story because it praises practicality over beauty.

Moral: The useful is of much more importance and value, than the ornamental.

3. The Cat and the Birds: The cat was not getting enough to eat. One day he heard some birds were sick and in need of a doctor. He pretended to be a doctor and went to their home. The birds laughed at the cat and refused to let him in. I like this story because the birds aren't stupid. They know immediately that the cat is trying to eat them.

Moral: Be wise and shun the quack.

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