Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Reading Diary B: Jataka Tales

The Cunning Wolf: This story is interesting because it plays the wolves as victims and they usually are not portrayed that way. In most other stories I have read that involved wolves, they play the aggressor. I find it interesting that humans are seen as the aggressor in this story. People always talk about how human's are the apex predators so it is interesting to finally see a story play out that we are not always the victims.

The Otters and the Wolf: This story shows the wolf in a different light. It shows the wolf as the cunning one one. The wolf stole the fish from the otters and claimed it was payment for settling an argument. I think that is pretty shady. But the otters learn that they should not bicker over stupid stuff and I like that moral of the story.

The Hawks and Their Friends: This story is about friendship. I like how the animals work together to save each other I think that is sweet. These hunters were oddly persistent in eating those hawks. The animals are a lot nicer in the Indian stories than in the Aesop fables.

The Fool Hardy Wolf: This story's message is, "don't get too big for your britches". This story is very to the point and would be easy to elaborate on. I like that the wolf and the lion live together in peace until the wolf does something stupid.
(Elephant stomping wolf)

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