Monday, August 31, 2015

Tech Tip: Pinterest Board

I have used Pinterest for a few years now! It is a great way to share ideas and get new ideas online from other people! Here is a link to my Mythology and Folklore Portfolio board!


  1. I love Pinterest as well! I mainly use it for DIY activities and recipes though. I think it is pretty cool that you made a board for this class. I definitely agree with you that it is an easy way to share ideas. I don’t think there is anything that you can’t find on there! I’m interested to see what else you will pin!

  2. I made a Pinterest board for this class as well. It's a great way to organize your images for blog entries. The only issue I have is that some images I find aren't pinable. So I just save those in a folder on my desktop.

    I really like the image of the woman and the wolf. What story did you use that for? I look forward to checking out the story because the image is intriguing.

  3. Hey Karisa! I like how you went out of your way to make a Pinterest board, since that is not something that I would have thought to do! Anyways, it would be cool to see you incorporate your storytelling posts with Pinterest and have the photos be from your retelling. But nonetheless, your hyperlink works and you did a good job!