Monday, August 31, 2015

Growth Mindset

I haven't heard about growth mindset before, but I really like the concept of it! It does not tell you that you are dumb or make you feel bad about being wrong, but it tells you that you are wrong and that you can use that knowledge to your advantage to get you closer to the right answer.

I can relate to this on an academic level because I am not really the best at math. I have felt very dumb and not capable of getting the right answer in math classes because my mom is very good at math and does not understand why I cannot understand it. I have had to learn to cope with it by telling myself that I will eventually get it correct I just haven't gotten there yet and that seems what Carol Dweck says in her talk. You will get it right, you're just not there yet.

I am excited to apply growth mindset to all of my classes. I am taking some that I am excited to take and I am readily motivated to get work done and do well, but my experience in college is that they do not always work out that way. I am also retaking a class that I did not do well on in the past and I think by even retaking this that I am using growth mindset by saying, "I did not do as well as I can in this class yet".

The picture I chose is a logo that says,"Are we there yet?" I felt this is appropriate because I don't feel like I am where I should be yet. I personally feel like there is always room to grow and improve upon yourself. If you ask yourself,"am I there yet?" and you can answer yes, then congrats to you. However, I am a fan of growth and change and I personally hope I can never in this life answer "yes" to the question,"are we there yet?"

(Are we there yet logo from 2005 movie)

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  1. Hey I am not great at math either! I transferred twice and have taken multiple math classes. One exam I failed, but I got back up on the horse and kept going. It is really positive for us to be able to relate like this and know we are not alone. We just have to keep taking our steps one day at a time.