Thursday, August 27, 2015

Exploring the UnTextbook

The first section that caught my eye were the American Indian Fairytales. This section sticks out to me because my grandpa is Chickasaw Indian and I have grown up listening to old Chickasaw stories that he has told me. I am interested in exploring this area of the UnTextbook more to see if any of the stories he has told me turn up! Below is a picture I chose from the American Indian Fairytales section. I chose this picture because one of the things my grandpa always told me was that stories could take you anywhere you wanted to go. I felt this picture was appropriate because the UnTextbook is like a playground(database) full of equipment(stories) for people to enjoy.

(Indian children playing in the forest)
Oh my goodness what kind of UnTextbook would be complete without Alice in Wonderland. Even though technically the term "unbirthday" is from Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carrol, it does show up in the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland. This section caught my attention because I love Alice in Wonderland. I wanted to be her when I was little! She was so adventurous and she could talk to animals! I couldn't help myself and I went ahead and looked up and posted the "Unbirthday Song" from the animated film below!

The next section I would like to explore is the one on the Canterbury Tales. I got the privilege of reading some of the tales when I was in high school and I loved them(the Wife of Bath's Tale is one of my all time favorites). I even named my first Betta fish Geoffrey Chaucer. I can't wait to read the stories I missed! 

I have such a soft spot for nursery rhymes. I am looking forward to going through this section too because I think nursery rhymes are cute and cleverly written. There is a bigger story behind each one of these little verses! A lot of them sound so silly, but seriously think about it! They are like ridiculous warning labels. Something had to happen for them to make these up! I would love to put a story to each one. 

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