Friday, August 28, 2015

Storybook Favorites

The first Storybook that caught my attention was the Fairytale Case Files. I am interested in Forensic Psychology so anything that involves case files immediately intrigues me.

Topic: The topic of fairy tales is pretty familiar to me. The title told me that it would most likely be about solving mysteries from fairy tales and that’s what it does.

Introduction: The introduction from this storybook really does a great job in setting up the next stories. I really like how it is a play off of Sherlock which is one of my favorite shows. I found that very clever.

Design: The physical layout of the page was very easy to follow. The images were well chosen and went with the project very well. I would really like to implement a side bar that takes you to each 
section when you click on it like they did.

(Fairytale Case Files)


The next Storybook that I really like is the Tales of Persephone. Persephone has always been one of my favorite Goddesses and to see someone telling the story from a different perspective is very interesting and refreshing!

Topic: The topic is very interesting! I knew from the title exactly what we would be talking about. This person did a very good job!

Introduction: This introduction had me hooked! I couldn’t wait to dive into the stories!

Design: The design is nice. There really isn’t anything special that I would like to take from this page, but I do find it interesting that this is laid out in diary form!


The last storybook I chose as my favorite was the E! True Hollywood Story: Women from the Bible. This is such a cute and clever idea, oh my goodness!

Topic: I am familiar with the stories of the women from the Bible. I love how this person gave it a modern twist though! The title told you everything I needed to know before clicking on it!

Introduction: The introduction is set up like the begin of an E! segment. It is really cleverly written and sets up the stories perfectly.

Design: I like how it is set up as dialogue through out most of it. The pictures before each one are very well picked also! I like how the title is the link to the cover page at the top and not included in the side bar.

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