Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 15: Famous Last Words: Literally.

So this week I am finishing up everything in here and this will probably be my last time to post on this blog for at least now! I wanted to finish this as soon as possible so I can be free to focus on my other classes! I am on top of most of my work in those classes and would like to stay that way! I have one final on Wednesday that I need to get to stuDYING for and a huge project proposal presentation on Friday! I am super excited to present the research and experiment I have been working on all semester! I also have some Italian stuff to finish up on and I am so excited because this is my last semester of Italian! I can read Italian almost perfectly, but speaking it and listening to it is hard for me. I suppose that is what happens when you take an online class were the emphasis is on reading and writing it! I have had a lot of fun this semester in this class and would like to take this as an opportunity to thank you for your kind comments and critiques this semester! You have made this class enjoyable and encouraged me to continue on with my creative writing so thank you!!! I wish you all the best! To those of you who are graduating like me in May, I am just as excited for what your future holds for you as I am what mine holds for me. For those of you who still have school to go, I wish you the best in your classes and would encourage you to keep putting in hard work! It will all be over before you know it, so make the most of your time here at the beautiful University of Oklahoma! Live on University!


(Thank You!)

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